Adaville NFT Discord Is Live!

2 min readNov 6, 2022


We officially launched the official Adaville Discord server today, 6th November 2022 to better manage and serve our gradually growing community.

The shift to Discord in addition to twitter indicates that we are ready to scale up our operations.

We have been behind the scenes building for the past few months and we have made an unbelievable series of accomplishments to ensure that Adaville project turns to a bluechip Cardano NFT project.

We have big updates, announcements, Spaces and MORE on the way.

Join our discord server now and be the first to find out! 💪

In Addition, We’ve chosen to grant the first 1000 people that join our Discord the role of “Early Inhabitants

This role will also be used in the future for screening out our earlier supporters and giving them whitelist roles for our first land mint.

About Adaville

Adaville Metaverse is a virtual reality platform powered by the Cardano blockchain where users can explore and experience the limits of their imagination with the experience set across a Cardano themed urban landscape.